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4BC has been broadcasting (882 kHz AM) in Brisbane and the surrounding area since 1933 and still continues to provide entertaining and informative content for its listeners.

4BC’s program lineup consists of a diverse range of shows, from current affairs to talk radio, sports news and music. The station also boasts a strong local presence, with many of the hosts hailing from Brisbane itself or nearby Queensland towns. This makes it easy for locals to stay up-to-date on regional developments and get involved in conversations about what’s happening in their city.
When tuning into 4BC, one can expect a variety of content from different perspectives, as well as an upbeat atmosphere that can make even the most mundane topics interesting. Talkback shows are particularly popular on 4BC, with some programs attracting plenty of listeners each day. These shows often feature lively discussions between guests who share opposing views on various topics such as politics or social issues.
Listening to Australian radio 4BC is an exciting way to stay informed about what’s happening in Brisbane while enjoying great music at the same time!

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