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2GB is a commercial radio station in Sydney, Australia. It broadcasts on 873 kHz, AM. The radio covers all aspects of social life including politics, business, sport, health and entertainment with main focus on news and talk.

What shows can you listen to live on 2GB online?

  • Ben Fordham Live
  • The Ray Hadley Morning Show
  • 2GB Afternoons
  • Drive with Chris O’Keefe
  • Wide World of Sports
  • Money News
  • Nights with John Stanley
  • The Best of Ray Hadley
  • Overnights with Luke Grant
  • Australia Overnight
  • The Garden Clinic
  • Life and Technology
  • Weekends with Bill Woods
  • The Two Murrays
  • Saturday Night Live with Brent James
  • The Ray Hadley Country Music Countdown
  • The House of Wellness
  • Healthy Living
  • Sunday Nights with Bill Crews
  • Latest Audio

Who are the moderators of Radio 2GB?

  1. Ben Fordham
  2. Ray Hadley
  3. Michael McLaren
  4. Chris O’Keefe
  5. Mark Levy
  6. Scott Haywood
  7. John Stanley
  8. Ray Hadley
  9. Luke Grant
  10. Clinton Maynard
  11. Sandra Ross
  12. Graham Ross
  13. Charlie Brown
  14. Bill Woods
  15. Murray Wilton
  16. Murray Olds
  17. Brent James
  18. Dr Ross Walker
  19. Bill Crews


  • Phone: 131 873 (NSW)
  • Email:
  • Address:
    GPO Box 4290
    Sydney, NSW 2001
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