6PR 882

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6PR 882 is Perth’s premier talk radio station. This Australian radio station is a leader in news and entertainment, providing an array of topics from current affairs to sports.

6PR has all the information you need and more when it comes to staying up-to-date on what’s happening locally, nationally and globally. From the moment you tune in you are immersed in a world of conversation, stories and music. The morning show always bring listeners up-to-date on the news of the day with their own unique flair. They discuss a range of topics from politics to health and lifestyle with wisdom, wit and humour.
The station also features special guests such as celebrities or experts who provide additional insights into topics that affect us all. Throughout the day there are several different shows that feature exciting interviews with people from all walks of life covering everything from business to culture. Each show seeks out relevant information for its listeners while keeping things lighthearted with plenty of laughs along the way.
In addition to this vibrant talkback format, 6PR Perth plays some great music too! With regular requests coming in from listeners across Perth and around Australia, this station always has something for everyone.

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